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Next Winter Storm Arrives for Sunday

High pressure will move over the Great Lakes region today and bring is mostly sunny skies. Temperatures will be much colder, though, with a high this afternoon only in the upper 20s. Light northwest winds will keep wind chills in the mid to upper teens.

Look for partly cloudy skies tonight with a low around 13. North winds turning northeast will bring wind chills down to the single digits by sunrise Sunday morning.

Confidence is low for the next winter weather event due to affect the region tomorrow into Monday. Computer models differ dramatically on how things look to play out. For now, I’ll just mention that snow, sleet, and perhaps a period of freezing rain are all possible at this point.

A cold front arrives Monday morning putting an end to precipitation and bringing much colder and dryer air to the Tuscarawas Valley for the remainder of the work week.

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Tuscarawas Weather Network Winter Outlook

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