Live Doppler Radar for Tuscarawas County

Radar Type

GRLevel3 radar from NWS station KPBZ

NEXRAD Radar image data from station KPBZ.
Radar image updates every 6 minutes.


Guide to icons used in GRLevel3 Doppler image

NOTE: Icons are not always correct and those indicating rotation do not necessarily mean a tornado. The presence of a rotational icon serves to indicate that low level or upper level rotation IS POSSIBLE in an individual thunderstorm cell according to the radar signature and computer logic. Tornado development and activity is issued only by the National Weather Service. For an accurate and actual indication of tornatic activity, individuals are urged to listen to NOAA Weather Radio for tornado watches and warnings directly from the National Weather Service.

Tuscarawas Weather Network Winter Outlook

Latest NEXRAD Radar Image for Tuscarawas County, Oh

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