Live Doppler Radar for Tuscarawas County

Radar Type

GRLevel3 radar from NWS station KPBZ

NEXRAD Radar image data from station KPBZ.
Radar image updates every 6 minutes.


Guide to icons used in GRLevel3 Doppler image

NOTE: Icons are not always correct and those indicating rotation do not necessarily mean a tornado. The presence of a rotational icon serves to indicate that low level or upper level rotation IS POSSIBLE in an individual thunderstorm cell according to the radar signature and computer logic. Tornado development and activity is issued only by the National Weather Service. For an accurate and actual indication of tornatic activity, individuals are urged to listen to NOAA Weather Radio for tornado watches and warnings directly from the National Weather Service.

Wednesday evening brings a prime opportunity to view the ISS across theTuscarawas Valley

If you have never had the chance to see it travel across our sky, Wednesday evening  will bring one of the best opportunities to view the International Space Station (ISS) as it crosses overhead. Tonight’s pass will be viewable across … Continue reading

A cloudy start to Wednesday but the sun returns in the afternoon

Wednesday starts out with clouds overhead caused by a disturbance that is moving east and out of the region this morning. The clouds will begin to decrease late this morning as high pressure brings dryer air to the area for … Continue reading

Microclimates have a big effect on weather in Tuscarawas County

We all know weather can be downright weird. We’ve all experienced weird things like rain coming down in buckets at Bolivar, while at the exact same time it’s sunny and clear just a few miles down the road at nearby … Continue reading

Decreasing showers and thunderstorms through Tuesday evening; chilly night on tap

The line of thunderstorms that developed and moved across the Tuscarawas valley this afternoon have cleared the region and are now southeast of our area. We will continue to see diminishing chances fro a shower through the rest of the … Continue reading

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