Harry Clever Field, New Philadelphia, OH:
35.1°F falling
Temp Change -2.0° /hr
Feels Like 35°

Updated: 4/4/2020 03:30 AM
Clear skies Humidity: 78%rising
Dew Point: 29°falling
Pressure: 30.030falling
Wind: N 0.0 mph
Rain Today: 0.00 inches
Visibility: 10 mile(s)
Sunrise: 7:03 am
Sunset: 7:54 pm
Record High: 80.0 1963
Record Low: 18.0 2013
Downtown New Phila: Dry, 33.6F° Hum 84%; Wind 0mph
New Phila (Southside): Dry, 33.3F° Hum 84%; Wind 2mph
Steele Hill; New Phila: Dry, 33.6F° Hum 88%; Wind 0mph
Old Town Valley: Dry, 32.2F° Hum 99%; Wind 0mph
Dover Twp: Dry, 55.4F° Hum 35%; Wind 10mph
Fox Chase, Dover: Dry, 30.7F° Hum 95%; Wind 0mph
Parral: Dry, 1° Hum 82%; Wind 0mph
Strasburg: Dry, 30.4F° Hum 99%; Wind 0mph
Sugarcreek: Dry, 35.4F° Hum 80%; Wind 0mph
Stone Creek: Dry, 33.8F° Hum 87%; Wind 0mph
Rush: Dry, 32.2F° Hum 91%; Wind 0mph
Newcomerstown: Dry, 37.8F° Hum 48%; Wind 0mph
Bolivar: Dry, 35.1F° Hum 90%; Wind 0mph
Dellroy: Dry, 37.0F° Hum 73%; Wind 1mph
Carrollton: Dry, 28.8F° Hum 99%; Wind 0mph
Walnut Creek: Dry, 30.7F° Hum 94%; Wind 0mph
West Lafayette: Dry, 33.3F° Hum 94%; Wind 0mph
Overnight: Clear, with a low around 35. Calm wind.
Saturday: Increasing clouds, with a high near 64. Light and variable wind.


Clear throughout the day.
4am 34°F 1 mph
5am 33°F 2 mph
6am 32°F 2 mph
7am 31°F 1 mph
8am 33°F 1 mph
9am 38°F 1 mph
10am 45°F 1 mph
11am 50°F 2 mph
12pm 54°F 2 mph
1pm 58°F 2 mph
2pm 61°F 3 mph
3pm 64°F 3 mph
4pm 65°F 3 mph
5pm 65°F 4 mph
6pm 63°F 3 mph

NWS Cleveland radar loop

Short-Term Forecast:


Overnight: Clear, with a low around 35. Calm wind.

Low 35 °F

Saturday: Increasing clouds, with a high near 64. Light and variable wind.

High 64 °F
Saturday Night: A slight chance of showers.  Mostly cloudy, with a low around 46. Calm wind.  Chance of precipitation is 20%.
Slight Chance

Low 46 °F

7-Day Forecast for New Philadelphia, OH and surrounding area

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