Weekend will bring hot and muggy conditions back to the Valley

If you thought yesterday was a nice day, you’ll like today. Quiet, nearly cloud-free weather will continue Thursday but afternoon temperatures across the region will be a couple of degrees warmer. The humidity will stay low yet today with dew points in the mid to upper 50s.

High pressure will shift east on Friday setting up a southerly flow that will bring increasingly warmer and more humid air into the region through the weekend. Temperatures in the upper 80s on Friday will ratchet up to 90 or better on Saturday. Dew points will inch back to the 70s making for some fairly muggy conditions.

A weakening cold front in extreme northern Ohio will become stationary and dissipate on Saturday. That will bring some cloudiness into the Valley during the day and maybe kick up a brief shower or a storm. Odds for a shower or storm Saturday is a long shot, though.

The biggest weather concern on Saturday by far will be the hot and humid airmass. Temperatures will be 90/92 degrees in the heat of the afternoon with dew points in the low 70s. It will not be a comfortable day to be outdoors.

Temperatures will be slightly cooler on Sunday but with the stifling humidity, it will still feel very uncomfortable. Chances for a stray shower or storm will be a little better in the heat of the afternoon Sunday too with an upper-level disturbance. While coverage will be a bit broader, not every location will get in on some action.

Very warm and muggy conditions will start the new work week. Monday will be cloudier as a low pressure system approaches and tracks across the upper Great Lakes. The low will drag a cold front across east-central Ohio late Monday into Tuesday. Expect decent odds for thunderstorms Monday night and Tuesday with this feature.

The good news is the cold front will bring a significant change in our temperatures and dew points for the remainder of next week. Temperatures will be around average (low 80s) on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next week’s cold front may produce a change to a cooler pattern with temperatures hovering around average for the extended period.

Anyone with a garden will tell you we could use some rain. And, according to projections from NWSWPS, we may see a moderate amount of rain over the next 7 days. Showers and storms moving through the region over the weekend could bring some rain to a few spots but the vast majority will come early next week with a frontal system.



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