Cool but dry through Friday; Prospects are good for weekend rain

A weak front will sink through east-central Ohio this morning. Lack of moisture and a dry atmosphere will result in clouds but no rain here. Rain and snow showers associated with the front will stay well to our north and east.

There will be some moderate north to northwest wind along and behind the front later today. Gusts may be in the 15 to 20 MPH range late this morning through the afternoon.

I don’t think temperatures will overperform today as they did yesterday and most of the region should see afternoon highs in the mid-50s this afternoon.

Drier and cooler air will push in from building high pressure off to our west on Wednesday. Temperatures will be noticeably cooler and probably won’t do much better than the mid to upper 40s for the afternoon high. A light breeze will mean wind chills in the low 40s in most places.

Clouds in the morning will gradually thin out through the afternoon and we should get into some decent sunshine.

High pressure will continue to dominate our weather on Thursday to bring another sunny but cool day. Afternoon highs may warm to about 50 in some spots.

I mentioned yesterday that the models were a little out of whack regarding the weekend outlook. Today they’re beginning to show signs of agreement.

An upper-level trough will develop in the Plains and shift east by Friday. Clouds will thicken on Friday but with the very dry air in place over the region, we should remain dry. A storm system will also begin creeping up the Atlantic Coast. Today’s model runs place it just off the North Carolina coast Friday night.

As I suspected, the GFS is now coming into agreement with the European model regarding a more westward track. With the system now looking to advance further west, more moisture is likely to push into eastern Ohio as the storm moves up the coast.

Scattered rain showers will be possible Friday night through Monday as the east coast storm system makes its journey northward.

While no one is hyped on the prospect of a rainy weekend, there is good news. Precipitation from this system will be rain. Temperatures at the surface and aloft will be too warm to support any snow showers over the weekend here.

By now, just about everyone has come to grips with the fact that our growing season is over. It ended just about right on time, too.

We had a good run this year – our season was right on average in length of time. I thought I would do a comparison of growing seasons since 2000 to help put this year’s season in perspective.

I think most know by now that nighttime temperatures can and will dip to lows that will support frost and freezing. I see no reason to continue the Frost/Freeze graphic posted on our homepage any longer.



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