A quick weather update: What we can expect for the rest of today

NOTE: The Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect until noon today.

By the morning spotter reports, it looks like our snow forecast worked out well. Generally speaking, most communities around the Valley ended up with roughly 4/5-inches or so of snow – give or take.

And, here are the latest numbers (as of 11:00 AM) from NWS Pittsburgh. Note that this only includes the highest values reported:

A slug of drier air has moved into the region effectively shutting down the snow this morning. Moisture will return, however, and we can expect temperatures to increase to above freezing behind a warm front. Rain will eventually move in later this morning and we can expect rain showers through the rest of the day.

I can’t rule out a brief period of freezing rain and/or some sleet later this morning at rain showers get underway. I don’t expect it to last long, so local impacts should be minimal. Any sleet/freezing rain should exit by 11:00 or so leaving us with just a cold rain. FutureCast radar through 2:00 am Thursday:

As warm moisture-laden air flows over this morning’s snow, fog (advection fog) will likely develop. It may also turn breezy this afternoon as winds look to pick up out of the southeast. Gusts could get as high as 20 mph at times. Temperatures this afternoon should warm up to the low 40s around the Valley.

Rain will exit the area by around 11:00 pm to midnight and temperatures will remain above freezing. A lot of this snow we have on the ground now will be gone by tomorrow morning.

We can expect a breezy but dry day tomorrow with occasional afternoon sun. Temperatures tomorrow will run about the same as today – mid-40s or so for the afternoon high.

Friday will bring another dry day before odds for rain increase Friday night ahead of our next weather system. Rain will be likely on Saturday but temperatures will warm to the low 50s.



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