A Quick-hitting Clipper Brings Snow Showers Tonight

Posted Monday, November 29, 2021

An Alberta Clipper system will bring a swath of snow to the Valley and surrounding area tonight. Snow totals locally will, of course, be variable with the heaviest snow accumulating in northern parts of the area. Generally, the system should bring around a half to an inch or so to the area.

The ground is cold enough now for some of this to stick. The main highways will be treated but those less-traveled county roads could have some slick spots in the morning. Remember, bridges and overpasses will freeze up first so be especially mindful when dealing with those.

The National Weather Service posted a forecast with about an inch of snow for Tuscarawas County. I’ve looked at the models and think that’s a pretty good idea.

Created with GIMP

The current hi-resolution models suggest we could begin seeing snowflakes around 10/11 PM tonight. Snow showers will continue into sunrise but the system will quickly exit the region Tuesday morning.

Here’s a look at the Future-Cast radar tonight through 9:00 AM Tuesday:

FutureCast Radar from the Hi-Res model through 9:00 AM Tuesday

This system won’t bring a lot of snow and snowfall should be fairly light. It will accumulate on the roads since the snow looks to fall over 4/5 hours timeframe. Tuesday could bring some minor travel issues. The farther north you travel in the morning, the more snow you’ll see accumulating. Places around the Canton area could get up to two inches.

Projected snow totals for Ohio through Tuesday morning.

As always, updates or changes are posted here and on Twitter (@tuscwx).

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