Local Snow Update for Later Today and This Evening

Posted Thursday AM, January 6, 2022

Well, it certainly feels like January out there this morning. As promised, colder air has settled over the region and most neighborhood stations are reporting morning lows in the upper teens. Wind chills are in the single digits due to the light SW breeze.

There has not been much in the way of change with my forecast for snow moving in tonight. The morning guidance has shifted the storm a little to the north which will make a small difference in the amount of snow we end up getting. The heaviest amount of snow will keep south of I-70 but we will see enough snow locally to have an impact on travel tonight and Friday morning.

I’ve also slightly adjusted the timing a bit as snow spreads from the south to the north later today.


This isn’t a long-duration event. There is only about a 6 to 8-hour window when snow will be likely to fall. However, air temperatures will be cold enough that precipitation will be all snow. We will not be dealing with any rain or freezing rain. Also, the ground (and the roads) is plenty cold enough for snow to stick and accumulate.

I’ve not changed my forecast much. I have lowered snow amounts slightly from yesterday’s forecast for our area. Generally, we can expect 1/2-inch to 2-inches of snow from this depending on your location. The lighter snow amounts can be expected in the northern half of the county with those in the south half coming in on the higher end.

It’s best to not focus too much on the numbers, though. Everyone will see snow and it will stick to the roads. ODOT has been out yesterday and today pre-treating the state highways. So, as is always the case, the main roads will fare much better than the secondary roads. But expect slick spots anywhere if you’re out later this evening and tonight. Traffic will be slower than normal so allow extra time in the morning.

Snow type will be light and fluffy – easier to shovel and plow. There is no sign of strong wind so drifting snow and power outages won’t be a big problem. Of course, if someone drives into a pole…

If you must travel out of the area expect to see higher snow amounts and higher impacts south, north, and east.

Temperatures will remain cold Friday and Saturday until a warm front moves through the area Saturday night. Like this morning, wind chills will be in the single digits the next few mornings. Other than the cold, our weather should remain largely un-impactful through Saturday.

Be safe out there.



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