Friday Winter Storm Update: Winding Down

Posted 9:10 AM Friday, February 4, 2022

The winter storm that has plagued our area over the last 36 hours is winding down this morning. Snow will be the main precipitation type as this thing finally exits the area. Expect occasional snow showers to occur through the rest of the morning. Some showers could produce moderate snowfall rates at times.

An additional inch or two of snow is possible throughout the rest of the day.

Travel will continue to be difficult for a while yet. Road crews are out plowing and salting but it will take some time for them to catch up. Look for gradual improvements to roads and highways as this thing pulls away later today. Give ’em time and room to work.

The view looking north at I-77 and SR-30 onramp near Dover Chemical in Dover.

I’m also getting word that some of our municipalities are trying to get vehicles off the road so plows can clear streets.

IF YOU TRAVEL north and west you will encounter more snow and ice issues. If you’re headed south, flooding and ice are the main issues.

Utility crews are out addressing scattered power outages.

NWS Pittsburgh has allowed the Winter Storm Warning in our area to expire as of about 9:30 AM. A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for Stark, Wayne, and Holmes County.

Skies will gradually clear out overnight allowing temperatures to drop into the single digits. Any wet or slushy area will freeze. If you must be out tonight be cautious of black ice.

Dry weather and sunshine will highlight our weekend weather. It’ll be cold on Saturday with daytime temperatures similar to today. Sunday will be a little warmer. We’ll actually get above freezing!

Not horrible. Temperatures will actually warm a bit toward mid-week. It’s February so not exactly shorts and tee-shirt weather but at least it won’t be highs in the 20s. Dry conditions look to stay with us through most of the upcoming week. Maybe some of this ice and snow will go away.

This will be the last update for our winter storm. I will, however, keep updating our forecast on the website and app as usual. My forecasts aren’t automated like most apps. I actually make my forecasts by hand every day. And, I focus on OUR area only.

Thanks for all of your kind comments these last few days. I did not have time to address each one but I did read them. I appreciate your support. If you like my forecasts and info, all I ask is that you recommend my website and web-app to your friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Stay safe out there.

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  1. Joe, I do appreciate you and your forecasts. Look to you for up to date forecasts. Spot on every time.

  2. I appreciate your dedication for a reliable forecast that I can depend on locally. I appreciate all that you do. Thank you so very much!

  3. Thanks for all the effort & dedication you put into your analysis & forecasting, Joe! Next week looks a lot better!

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