Potent Winter Storm Will Bring a Mix of Winter Weather Impacts to the Valley

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, December 20, 2022

We’ve been discussing the incoming winter storm for a few days and today we will start honing in on some of the details. Winter Storm Watches have been issued early this morning in Northwestern Ohio. Watches will likely spread eastward across the state today and tomorrow. The time has come to start taking the storm seriously and prepare for impactful winter weather from Friday through Christmas Day.

Our weather here in the Valley will be calm and quiet today and Wednesday. If you have holiday shopping and errands yet these next couple of days will be the best times to get those finished. There are still some slight model differences that will affect timing and snow amounts but these are minor.

Thursday will bring slightly warmer temperatures but rain is likely. There can be a short period early Thursday morning when we get some freezing rain and/or snow. This won’t last long as temperatures around the region will warm to the lower-40s in the afternoon. This is dependent on the timing of the incoming storm. If the storm starts getting its act together a little later, it will be warm enough for precipitation to be all rain.

Rain will remain the precipitation type through Thursday night. Cold arctic air will begin nudging into east-central Ohio at or just before sunrise Friday morning. Again, it will depend on the exact timing of the storm but precipitation will quickly change from rain to snow Friday morning. The wind will start to ramp up as well Friday morning. Temperatures will crash quickly causing any wet surfaces to freeze. Temperatures will continue to fall through the day Friday ending up in the single digits by sunset.

This morning’s European model run has colder air nudging into east-central Ohio early Friday morning.

Any precipitation on Friday will of course fall as snow. Blowing snow will be an issue. Expect wind gusts in the 40 mph range and well below zero wind chills. There can be a lull in additional snowfall during the afternoon but snow will still be blowing around.

The worst part of the storm will occur Friday night. You’ll really not want to be out in this. Winds could gust to 50 mph or so during the night. Snow showers will fill back in from the west. Snow and blowing snow will create blizzard conditions. Power outages are a good possibility. Wind chills of -15° to -25° are possible.

Snow showers will begin winding down on Saturday. It will still be windy with gusts of 30/35 and very cold with blowing and drifting snow. Wind chills will be in the minus-teens. Other than it just being cold Christmas Day looks uneventful.

Snow amounts still need to be determined but it doesn’t appear that this storm is going to dump a lot of snow. At this stage, I wouldn’t expect much more than 2 – 4 inches for our area as a storm total. The bulk of that will likely occur Friday morning through Saturday morning. Scattered lake effect snow showers on Saturday could bring additional small accumulation.

My advice is that you don’t focus too much on the amount of snow. Snow will only be a small part of the storm. The snow we end up getting will be blowing and drifting anyway making it very difficult to measure in any one spot.

Our main focus is on the very cold temperatures, dangerous wind chills, and strong wind gusts. With the very cold temperatures we’re seeing, the potential for strong winds causing power outages is a big concern.

Travel is going to be tough everywhere – especially Friday afternoon through early Christmas Eve. If you don’t have to be out just stay inside. If you must travel expect icy roads, snow-covered roads, occasional whiteouts, drifting snow, brutally cold temps and wind chills, and delays. Check with your air carrier if you’re flying out or have guests coming in. I suspect flights will be delayed or outright canceled in places like Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cleveland, and Akron/Canton. It’s a big storm that will impact several states to differing degrees.

As it usually is with winter weather in Ohio, the closer you travel north toward the lakes the more snow you’re going to deal with. While travel won’t be a picnic here, it will get worse as you travel north. OHGO.com is a good source to check road conditions in Ohio before heading out.

I’ll have a decent idea of snow amounts late this evening or early tomorrow. Stay updated. Stay safe. Thanks for reading the Tuscarawas Valley’s only LOCAL weather resource.

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  1. Thank you for all you do here! It’s wonderful to have weather forecasts specifically for T-County. We are pretty worried about loosing power.

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