Weekend Snow Expectations and a Quick Look at Next Week’s Storm System

Joe posted this on Friday, January 5, 2024 9:30 AM

I did state in my winter forecast that the second half of the winter season would be a more active period than the first. After a relatively mild December, it now looks as if that may indeed pan out. We are now moving into a more active weather pattern where we will start to realize colder periods and stormier conditions as we get deeper into January.

A storm system is set to move through East-Central Ohio over the weekend that will likely bring some snow to the Tuscarawas Valley on Saturday and Sunday. While this doesn’t look to be a high-impact system, it will bring periods of snowfall to the region – especially during the Saturday afternoon period.

The overnight model runs have trended toward bringing this system into our area a bit sooner than we’ve observed with earlier model runs. It now appears that Saturday will start fairly uneventful during the morning. Snow showers will likely begin to spread into the region by mid-day, however.

Simulated Radar image (3K NAM MODEL) from 7:00 AM through 7:00 PM Saturday

Two things to notice in this simulation are that the snow shield will move into the region from the south and it is possible that we could see some moderate to heavy snowfall rates through the afternoon. This will also be a quick-hitter. Snowfall will likely taper off toward Saturday evening and end for the most part by 8:00/10:00 PM.

Although this system won’t bring a boatload of snow to the Valley, it can have an impact on travel if you’re going to be out Saturday afternoon and evening. Expect to see some accumulations on the usual suspects – elevated surfaces, bridges, overpasses, and such.

As I mentioned, this doesn’t appear to be a big impact system. But, we will likely have to deal with snow accumulating in some spots. Temperatures at the time of this event will be marginal so most paved surfaces should fare well.

National Blend of Models snow amounts through Sunday AM

If you’ve been following the weather you’re already aware of another storm system that will impact the Valley early next week. This one will be a stronger storm but still, it isn’t looking to be a big snow producer in our area. Tuesday morning as things get underway could be a little tricky, though.

There will likely be some cold air in place as moisture spreads into the region which may mean a period of mixed wintry precipitation in the morning for a time. Eventually, warmer air will push in from the south leaving us with mostly rain as the primary precipitation type during the afternoon and evening. This system will also bring gusty wind for a time. I expect a fairly blustery and rainy day on Tuesday and Tuesday night. Snow may return on the back side of this system as it exits the region on Wednesday.

In any event, we’ll take a closer more detailed look at next week’s storm over the weekend and update you sometime Sunday night or Monday morning. Until then, happy new year!

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  1. Andrea Tiktin-Fanti

    Thank you for keeping us informed. We seem to be the stepchildren of the big city weather forecasters. Many do not even mention Tuscarawas County. They sometimes mention Canton but our weather can be quite different.

    1. Thanks. Small communities like ours aren’t located in the big city economic market so we do get pushed out when it comes to TV coverage – unless there is a story they can use.

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