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It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Joe and I’m a weather geek.

I created and launched TuscWeather in 2009 in order to provide accurate and timely weather updates, insights, and news for the Tuscarawas Valley region of east-central Ohio. I do not have a multi-million $$ budget, fancy graphics, or a big staff of writers and producers.

What I do have is a passion for Mother Nature and her impact on our daily lives. I offer my neighbors simple, easy-to-understand weather forecasts and weather details specific to the Tuscarawas Valley area. I try to provide substance over expensive visuals, drama, and hype. My only goal is to inform and make those in my community aware of our daily weather situation.

Unlike many other apps, websites, and TV weather sources, all of the content included on this website originates locally – from New Philadelphia, OH. I’m not a computer in some far-flung city spitting out model gibberish nor am I a TV weather personality in the big city with no skin in the game. I live right here in Tuscarawas County and I experience the same weather as you do so I try to get it right.

My local weather forecasts are hand-made and updated daily. Since I’m not creating weather forecasts for the masses, I do not rely on computer-generated and automated weather forecasts like so many other sources. I try to include weather information many do not so the forecast will actually help you plan the days ahead.

I’ll tell you straight up – I don’t always get it right. There is nothing simple about trying to predict every detail of the weather. I’m human and I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong. Being wrong about a forecast or a part of a forecast is just another opportunity for me to learn more.

If you have installed the web app version of this website on your mobile device(s), I do not track your location or gather any personal information as a lot of commercial weather apps do. I have no interest in gathering or selling your personal information. The app and website do not include spyware and I scan for hacks and malware frequently. I’m not doing this for the money.

So if you’re looking for good solid weather information about the Tuscarawas Valley area without hype and drama, I invite you to have a look. My website and app aren’t pretty and it doesn’t do fancy technical effects. It just gives you the local weather information you need.

Here are some other things about my website and app you might want to know about…

I gather all of our local weather data from METAR weather stations, personal weather stations, and other private, non-commercial sources. Climate data for our area originates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Some information found here comes from the National Weather Service. I do not use commercial weather sources as I’ve found many of these to be outdated and unreliable at times.

In December 2018 I began testing a Progressive Web App (PWA). Progressive web apps work similarly and contain many of the same features native mobile apps do but without excessive development costs. PWAs are used by many leading Internet companies including Twitter and Trivago. To include the TuscWeather app on your phone or tablet, simply confirm the “Add to Homescreen” prompt when it appears on your phone. Once confirmed, the TuscWeather app will install on your device.

To help offset the costs of maintaining the website and app, data subscriptions, hardware, and software needed to publish and display the weather information found here, I include advertising from Google Ads.

My website and app make use of several scripts and programs that gather and publish local weather information online on a regular basis. TuscWeather recognizes the efforts of the following developers who have made their scripts available to the weather community:

Enjoy Your Day!
Joe Ebner, TuscWeather.net

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