About TWN

The Tuscarawas Weather Network (TWN) is dedicated to providing accurate and timely daily weather information to the Tuscarawas Valley and surrounding area of east-central Ohio.

There are many weather information resources out there on TV, radio and the Internet. But, TWN is the area’s only LOCAL weather information resource for our area. All the others employ weather forecasters who do not live and work right here in New Philadelphia, Ohio. They’re good weather forecasters, but they have no steak in our local weather.

Since TWN forecasters experience the same weather as you, we try extra hard to get it right. Our weather forecasts apply to us just as they do our local users.

We gather all of our local weather data from METAR weather stations, personal weather stations, and other private, non-commercial sources. All of the weather forecasts you see here originate from our office in New Philadelphia. Climate data for our area originates from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We avoid using commercial weather sources as we’ve found that these to be outdated and unreliable at times.If you have a weather station located within the Tuscarawas Valley area and you can publish your data to the Internet, we would be more than happy to make it available here.SOCIAL MEDIA
You can also find TWN on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter works better for weather bulletins and warnings. The Facebook newsfeed is most unreliable for critical and timely information. The bottom line – if you want to know about our local weather, check this website first. Stuff here doesn’t always make it to Facebook and Twitter. Click Here for my Facebook page or Here for the Twitter feed.

You are ALWAYS invited to post your comments, questions, and even the weather going on in your neighborhood. Any important information like snow and rain totals, flooding, thunderstorms, or storm damage you post I will pass along to our local NWS office. But PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR TOWN/LOCATION/NEIGHBORHOOD. We don’t all know where you live or where you’re at. Thanks.

Just because you are out shopping, visiting one of our attractions, or out working in the garden or the farm, doesn’t mean you can’t get the latest area weather information. We’ve gone through great pains to make TuscWeather.net work well on your mobile devices. I strongly suggest you visit on your phone or tablet and bookmark it by saving the page to your phone’s home screen for later reference.

In December 2018 we began testing a Progressive Web App (PWA). Progressive web apps work and contain many of the same features as a native app but without excessive development costs. PWAs are used by many leading Internet companies including Twitter and Trivago. To include the TWN app on your phone, simply confirm the “Add to Homescreen” prompt when it appears on your phone. Once confirmed, the TWN app will install on your device.

This website and mobile app contain advertising from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Are you a Weather Geek? Do you have an interest in the weather where you live? Would you like to contribute to this website? We’re always on the lookout for fellow weather geeks and if you always wanted to write about weather, do a forecast, or provide your input about our local weather, we invite you to contact us and tell us what you have in mind. We’ll provide you with the tools and you can provide the content.

That’s the story about TWN. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them along to us. We read every email and social media post and try our best to respond in a timely fashion.

Enjoy Your Day!
Joe Ebner, TuscWeather.net