As a small business owner in the Tuscarawas Valley area you know how difficult and expensive it can be to reach potential customers in the region. With that in mind, we’ve created a simple, cost-effective method for local business owners to get their product or service in front of an audience that will most likely shop locally owned and operated small businesses in Tuscarawas and surrounding counties.

Smart business owners know the value of cost-effective locally targeted advertising and The Tuscarawas Weather Network offers some of the most highly targeted and affordable advertising opportunities in the Tuscarawas Valley.

Our website traffic continues to grow each month and our site reaches thousands of Tuscarawas Valley residents and visitors each day. We know we have a distinct advantage in reaching people that live, work, and visit this area. After all, everyone has an interest in local weather conditions and forecasts. People want to know how to plan their day and weather is a central part of that planning. And, unlike national weather providers, our audience is specific to our immediate region. This is the exact audience you want to reach.

  • The Tuscarawas Weather Network is highly targeted
    Your advertising has the advantage of reaching a highly targeted audience – residents of and visitors to the Tuscarawas Valley area of Ohio.
  • Competition for advertising space is extremely limited
    In order to minimize page clutter and enable visitors to easily find our content, we only accept a very limited number of ads on our pages.
  • Making a profit is NOT our primary goal
    This website is a labor of love and we use your advertising dollars to help offset the cost of web hosting, computer hardware, data subscriptions and software acquisition.
  • Extremely cost effective
    Since we are not in this to maximize profits, you get effective exposure for your business at a bargain rate.
  • All ads link directly to your website
    No tricks – no limits – no gotchas. Your banner ad links directly to your website or any specific page you specify in a new window.

By far, the greatest number of our users are folks who reside within the communities of Tuscarawas County and the surrounding counties of southern Stark, eastern Coshocton, northern Guernsey counties. We also have many regular users in Carroll and Harrison counties.

Our server logs also indicate a growing number of visitors to the county, thanks to a partnership with the Tuscarawas County Convention and Business Bureau. The efforts of the CVB as well as the availability of our stock and custom weather tools used by local hotels/motels and county tourism destinations has made dramatic inroads to making the site available to Tuscarawas County’s many tourism destinations.

Our local agribusiness depends on accurate and reliable weather information and interest from our local farming community indicates a continued upward trend as these family businesses bookmark the Tuscarawas Weather Network and depend on our forecasts for accurate local weather information.

Visitors to our website come from a number of sources, but by far, our social networking presence generates a vast local audience. We currently support over 13,000 Facebook fans and over 1,100 Twitter followers. Both of these audiences continue to grow daily.

Eighty percent of our website visitors are return visitors who check the site on a daily basis. Our daily blog postings alone generate over 76,000 page views each week and our weather graphics are seen by over 120,000 folks each month. ALL OF THESE ARE LOCAL PEOPLE LIVING AND WORKING IN THE TUSCARAWAS VALLEY AREA.

County government agencies, such as the Tuscarawas County Sheriff and the Tuscarawas County Homland Security and Emergency Management Agency, make use of our weather widgets on their websites and provide a link to our home page. Local news media including radio and print also use our widgets on their websites. These county resources combine to funnel traffic to our home page.

We have a complete breakdown of visitor statistics available at your request as well as our rate card. To receive your free information, simply Contact us and request advertising information from our administrator. You will receive a reply email with complete rates and a variety of flexible options suitable for any advertising budget.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you soon.

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