Very cold temperatures this week and through the weekend

Heating bills are going to take a hit over the upcoming 10 to 14 days as serious cold temperatures settle in over east-central Ohio.

Tuesday and Wednesday night will bring the coldest nighttime temperatures we’ve seen here in the Valley for quite a while. Temperatures tonight will bottom out at around 5 degrees before sunrise Wednesday.

Factor in the westerly breeze and wind chills will plummet to sub-zero ranges in most neighborhoods tonight.

Hi-res NAM (North American Model) wind chill projections as 6:00 am Wednesday at -3 to -6 degrees F in our area.

WIND CHILL ADVISORIES have been issued by NWS Cleveland for Holmes, Stark and Wayne counties in our area for -10 to -15 degree wind chills tonight in those areas.

Although we will have some sunshine tomorrow, it will do very little to warm things up. Temperatures will only warm to the mid teens for afternoon highs on Wednesday. Wind chills are likely to remain at zero or below for much of the day.

Actual air temperatures on Wednesday will not get much warmer than the mid teens across the Valley and much of east-central Ohio.

A weak system will bring a low threat for a few scattered snow showers Thursday night followed by another system on Friday. No significant accumulation is expected with any of these little bumps here in the Valley.

Snowfall through Thursday night will be confined mostly to the snow belt counties in northern Ohio.

Bitter cold temperatures will continue into the weekend and New Year’s Day. Highs will likely reach only the upper teens for highs falling to 5/6 degrees overnight.

Prepare for an extended period of very cold temperatures and wind chills as we close out 2017 and begin 2018. Although there will be opportunities for snow through the period, there are no significant storms on the horizon that would bring enough snow to cause much of an impact on local travel.

Wind chills of this nature on the other hand, can cause frost bite on exposed skin within 30 minutes. Take proper precautions if you must spend much time outdoors when wind chills are this cold.



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