Warmest May on record in New Philadelphia

After a colder than average April with several days of snow, we skipped right over spring and went directly to summer in the Tuscarawas Valley.

May 2018 will go down in the weather books as the warmest ever recorded in New Philadelphia.

The average temperature for the month was 69.0 degrees. That beats the old record of 67.5 degrees set back in 1991.

Precipitation for the month was a bit skimpy, though, with just over 2.5 inches for the month. Normally we expect about 4.25 inches of rain in May.

Nearby Zanesville also topped their May temperature with a record temperature of 69.7 degrees for the month.

Warmer than average temperature anomalies were the trend across the majority of the continental US.

Official weather information for New Phila is recorded at Harry Clever Field and maintained by the National Weather Service office in Pittsburgh, PA.



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