Tuscarawas Valley Weather Update 03/03/2019

Small tweaks and adjustment to today’s snow event.

Sunday morning observations and computer guidance have shifted today’s snow a bit farther south. I don’t think I need to make any adjustments to snow amounts for our area other than to say I would lean toward the lower amounts stated in the forecast.

Temperatures today will hover around 31° to 33° so today’s snow will be the heavy and wet kind of snow. And, I can’t rule out periods of drizzle or light rain mixing in with today’s snow – especially as it first gets underway this afternoon. I also believe that snow will move in about an hour later than I projected in yesterday’s timing forecast. I have adjusted the timing just a bit compared to yesterday.

Local impacts look to remain about the same. We will still see some accumulation on roads and highways. The untreated roads will fare worse as always. This is March, not January. A stronger sun now means less snow will stick during the day. Most road accumulation will likely occur after sunset.

As noted yesterday, snow will spread SOUTH TO NORTH, so those folks in our southern communities will be the first to see snow arrive today. Snow will end quickly west to east this evening. Hi-res futurecast radar through 1:00 am Monday:

The heaviest snow accumulation will be well south and east of the region today. If you are traveling north, you’ll have less snow to deal with.



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