Wednesday Valley Weather Update: A couple of strong storms will be possible the next couple of days

An active weather pattern is expected for the rest of the week as warmth and moisture return to the region. Above-average temperatures today and Thursday before a cold-frontal passage late in the week.

I saw on some (I won’t mention where or who) TV news outlets touting the fact that today will likely be the first 80-degree day of the year here. That’s not true for our area. We already hit 80° at New Philadelphia on April 18 so if you hear that from your TV news or weather resource, they didn’t do their research.

If they can’t get our past weather right, why would you trust them for your daily forecast?

May will start out on a warm note in the Valley. A warm front will lift north through Ohio this morning and the east-central Ohio region will be firmly entrenched in the warm sector this afternoon. Temperatures should reach the 80° to 82° range even in our northern-most neighborhoods. It will turn breezy as well with winds out of the southwest 10 to 15 mph. Occasional gusts to 25 mph will be possible.

Odds are favorable that we stay dry for the bulk of today. A lot of our weather will depend on how far north that frontal boundary creeps. A weak low pressure system will pass to our north and with a little instability this afternoon, a shower or thunderstorm will be possible. The best chances for some thunder will not arrive until after dinner time this evening.

The Storm Prediction Center has our area highlighted for a low risk for a strong/severe storm late today. Gusty wind is the primary threat but small hail is also something we’ll need to be mindful of.

Shower and storm odds will wane tonight and push south of the region.

Thursday looks to start out dry and warm but another warm front heads our way in the afternoon as another low crosses the upper Great Lakes. This one will push a cold front south through Ohio late in the afternoon. The ingredients for thunderstorms will be a little better tomorrow and the odds for a strong thunderstorm will be higher.

Again, the SPC has our area tagged for a low risk (1/5) severe potential tomorrow mainly for the afternoon and evening time frame. I wouldn’t be surprised to see parts of our area upgraded to a Slight Risk (2/5) in a future update.

I’ll continue to monitor the SPC and keep you updated. But, keep in mind that the threat of a gusty storm will be higher tomorrow than it is today.

Temperatures on Thursday will not be quite as warm as today but still and nice mid-70s.

As it is with all thunderstorms, rain could be heavy if your neighborhood happens to find itself under one. But generally speaking, rainfall over the next few days shouldn’t amount to much more than a half inch or so. Other than street flooding in the strongest storms, flooding should not be an issue.



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