June Climate Report: Fifth wettest June in New Philadelphia

The rain was the big weather topic all across the Valley in June. So much so that many areas across the region experienced at least some flooding issues at one time or another. The timing of the rain also affected planting season and we’ve heard from more than a few area farmers having difficulty getting their planting completed.

Looking back it seemed that it rained nearly every day last month. And when it did, it came down in buckets. Area lakes and streams still remain high as we begin July despite mainly dry weather over the last seven days.

Despite the seemingly heavy amount of rain, officially the area broke no precipitation records for the month. June of 2010 holds that honor and probably will for some time yet. Officially, as measured at the New Philadelphia airport we ended up with just over 7 inches of rainfall for the month. (Yes. Many neighborhoods received more than this, but the numbers here represent the official readings that are recorded by the National Weather Service.)

That amount places this June as the 5th wettest June on record. Our official records do not go back very far and I’m sure there are other years that compare, but these are the records we have to work with.

That 7.04 inches is 3.31-inches above what we normally would expect for June. Of course, numbers alone do not reflect the hardship heavy rainfall brought to the area in the form of flooded backyards and basements.

Temperatures for the month were just about dead on average for June at 68.7°F. There were no 90° days but temperatures did get to 89° on the 28th and 29th. Our coolest day occurred on the 4th of June where we only averaged 45° average for the day.

Outlooks from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center indicate that there is no clear signal the July will end up being anything but an average July in both temperature and precipitation.

That’s welcome news for a lot of folks – particularly with regards to rain.



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