Yesterday’s rain brought no relief from our dry pattern

While a few select areas in the Valley did receive some rain yesterday, it was not enough to put a dent in our dry September weather pattern.

Officially yesterday’s rain brought a paltry one-hundredth of an inch to the Valley. But, the area mesonet – a collection of private weather stations located throughout the region – showed that a few locations did receive a little more.

In our area, the Twin Cities area come in with the highest rain totals at 0.17 inches. My weather station located a few miles south of New Phila in Old Town Valley racked up a full quarter inch.

So far, this September is set to come in as the driest September in recent years and it may go down as THE driest on record.

While there will be a couple of opportunities for additional rainfall over the next 7 days, it’s likely it won’t amount to much. And, it will not bring us close to the 3.25″ we normally expect to receive in September.

Our next opportunity for precipitation will come on Wednesday with another cold front. However, showers associated with this system will be scattered at best and significant rainfall is not expected.

Mainly dry weather will continue through the weekend with high pressure.



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