October Weather Wrap-up and a quick look at November

October in the Tuscarawas Valley was marked by fairly impressive warm temperatures and heavy rain. The month started out hot during the first week with high temperatures in the low-90s during the first three days. Temperatures during the month remained above average for the most part with only 6 days where the daily average was below normal.

All of those warm temperatures pushed October into the well above normal column making it the third warmest October in recent years. For the month as a whole, October temperatures in the Valley came in at 4.5° above average.

Not only was October warm, but it was also very wet as well. We saw two major storms come through the area that dumped inches of rain across the Valley. These two rainmakers helped push total monthly precipitation to a whopping 5.46 inches – that’s 2.71 inches above our average October rainfall and the highest amount of rain for the month in recent years.

There is good news for those folks who like it chilly. Although the Climate Prediction Center proposes that November may be warmer than average overall, the first couple of weeks are forecast to remain colder than average. The first week to ten days may well bring a string of consistently colder-than-average temperatures to east-central Ohio.

The CPC also leans toward slightly better odds for higher than average precipitation during the mid-range period. We do have to keep in mind that the Great Lakes remain warm. Colder air flowing over the open lakes is a recipe for lake effect snow. Oftentimes, the stronger bands can be potent enough to reach the northern parts of our area.



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