Local snowfall report

There were just a few folks who took the time to measure and report snowfall in their backyards yesterday, but here are the results from NWS Pittsburgh. Generally, reports ranging from around 1″ – 3″ were submitted as of 7:00 PM last evening.

Measured snowfall reports as of 7:00 PM EST 02/07/2020 courtesy NWS Pittsburgh.

Additional snow accumulation occurred in the northern parts of Ohio.

You can help provide more accurate snow totals by submitting a report at your location to NWS Pittsburgh. Simply visit the NWS Pittsburgh website and click on “Submit Your Report”. You can also report snow at the NWS Pittsburgh Facebook Page or their Twitter Page and send them your measurement.

You DO NOT have to be a trained spotter to submit a snow report. Your report helps forecasters fine-tune weather forecasts for our area and is much appreciated.



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