Sunday Morning Update on today’s severe weather threats

Posted 7/19/2020 9:57 AM
Last Edited 12:03 PM

By now everyone should be aware of the heat that’s expected today so I’m not going to wast time on it this morning. Most of us already have enough sense to take care and not spend too much time doing strenuous work or exercise outside today.

A weak front is on the way later today and that will bring a line of showers and storms to east-central Ohio this evening. Most of the day will be rain and storm-free in our area. Storms will initiate in northwest Ohio and push southeast through the afternoon arriving in our area around 7:00 or 8:00 PM.

FUTURECAST RADAR - A GENERAL idea of how storms this afternoon might play out.

Thunderstorms that move through the Valley could be severe. Damaging wind, hail, and frequent cloud-to-ground lightning are the main threats. Tornadoes will not be an issue with these storms later today. Thunderstorms should weaken some as they push southeast of the area by 10:00/11:00 PM leaving only showers to deal with overnight.

TODAY'S SPC SEVERE OUTLOOK places our area in a Slight Risk (Level 2 on a scale of 1 to 5) for severe thunderstorms today

The storms later will also be capable of producing heavy rain rates but they should move through quickly enough to limit the threat for flash flooding. Still, those neighborhoods that would happen to get under one of these could see some minor street flooding.

Monday morning will feature clouds to start but these will lessen as the day progresses. We will also notice slightly lower dew points (less humid conditions) and temperatures backing off to the upper-80s Monday.

As always, you’ll find weather updates specific to our area here on and the web app. I also post real-time local weather updates on our Twitter Page (@tuscwx).



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