The slow march toward winter is underway

Posted Friday, August 7, 2020, 6:18 PM

Keeping track of and reporting about our Tuscarawas Valley weather has taught me a few things. One is that we have all kinds of good folks out there. Some of them love summertime. Others love the cold of winter. Most people I talk to are somewhere in the middle and choose spring or autumn as their favorite season.

It’s been a hot summer so far. And, dry, too. But, the last few days have brought cooler temperatures and lower humidity to the Valley. The cooler air and refreshing lack of humidity last few days have many folks thinking about fall weather.

Average summer temperatures over the last 25 years at New Philadelphia

For summer weather fans, we still have a lot of summer weather left to get through. It will warm back up in August. We will likely even see a few more 90° days yet. And, that dreaded humidity will probably return too. But, cool weather fans should know that statistically speaking, our area has just passed the peak of summer heating here in the Valley.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see any more hot weather. But, the average daytime afternoon high temperature has embarked on a downhill slide.

Our average high temperature in New Philadelphia tops out right when you would expect it too – right in the middle of summer. From July 13 through August 4 our average high in the Valley is 84°. That average temperature drops a degree to 83° on August 5 and remains through August 22. After that date, average highs slowly slide downward until we bottom out at 36° for the average high in January.

Note that these are average high temperatures. Some days can be warmer and some days can be cooler. But, if you’re a fan of cooler temperatures, this is the general high temperature trend in the coming days.

The drop in daily highs takes baby steps – at first. You probably won’t even notice it much. The steady decline will speed up some after the autumn equinox on September 22.

You might notice the days getting shorter this month as well. We lose a total of 1-hour and 11-minutes of daylight during the month of August.



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