Turning colder in the Valley late this week

Posted Sunday, October 11, 2020

Showers will taper off tonight before exiting the area Monday morning leaving us with a brief dry period Monday morning. Rain chances will once again ratchet up Monday afternoon as a cold front moves into the Ohio Valley region. Most of the rain associated with this system looks to occur Monday night as the front sinks through our area.

A cold front will likely bring showers back to the region Monday. A rumble of thunder can't be ruled out.

Showers will end quickly early Tuesday morning as high pressure builds and brings a dry and mostly sunny Tuesday to the Valley. Dry air and high pressure should maintain generally sunny conditions through Wednesday.

Monday will probably be the warmest day of the upcoming work week. Afternoon highs will generally reach the mid-70s in most neighborhoods. Highs on Tuesday and Wednesday will be about 5 degrees lower behind Monday night’s front. Still, pretty decent weather for our area mid-week.

Low pressure will develop and strengthen over the western Great Lakes region on Thursday. This will set up a strong southerly flow that will bring in warm moist air northward into east-central Ohio. Winds at the surface and odds for rain showers will increase through the day as the system’s cold front approaches.

This late-week cold front will be a game-changer for us here in the Valley. The relatively mild temperatures we’ve been having will shift to a more seasonal range for Friday and the weekend as considerably colder air flows in from the north. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see snowflakes in far northern Ohio counties – especially in the far northeast along the lake.

EUROPEAN MODEL: A strong cold front will bring much colder temperatures to east-central Ohio late in the week.

We won’t see any snow here, of course, but I would be mindful of frost developing Friday and Saturday nights in the Valley. Nighttime temperature projections from the models suggest low approaching the low to mid-30s. Computer models track temperatures at 2-meters (roughly 6-feet) above the surface so it’s entirely possible for temperatures to be a degree or two colder right at the surface.

Temperatures next weekend will be considerably (15° – 20°) colder than they are this weekend and likely remain chilly for several days next week.



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