Sunday AM Update on our incoming winter storm

Posted Sunday, January 24, 2021

I’ve been discussing the early week storm for several days and specifics on how this might impact the Valley are finally coming into view. Today (Sunday) will just be another gray day here in the Tuscarawas Valley with seasonal temperatures. Light snow showers or flurries can’t be ruled out but I don’t expect anything that would accumulate to much more than a dusting.

Our weather locally gets fairly complicated on Monday as low pressure approaches southern Ohio from the southwest. Tomorrow will initially start out dry in the morning but moisture will spread northward into east-central Ohio in the afternoon. Surface temperatures will be critical. At the surface, we’re looking at temperatures right around freezing. Those aloft will be above freezing. This is a recipe for sleet and freezing rain as precipitation gets underway during mid to late afternoon.


Here in the Valley we can probably expect to see snow, sleet, and freezing rain at times late in the afternoon through Monday night. Most of the wintry mix of precipitation should push off to the north and east by Tuesday morning. Dry conditions look to move into the region until mid-afternoon Tuesday before scattered snow showers wrap into the region.


We will likely see very little snow from this system and the majority of the snow we do see will occur Tuesday afternoon. Even then, impactful snow accumulation is not likely.

NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE total snowfall through Wednesday AM

The bigger issue will be freezing rain and ice accretion. While this doesn’t show any signs of becoming a crippling ice storm that brings down powerlines and tree limbs, it is enough to deposit a nice glaze on hard surfaces. Expect some slick spots and icy road conditions if you must be out. This is especially true on untreated roads, bridges, and overpasses. Total ice accretion will likely remain 0.10″ or less in our area.

So, now that I’ve shown you all of that, here’s a short breakdown of what we might expect Monday and Tuesday:

CAVEAT: Computer model images shown will not unfold exactly as depicted. They’re only shown here to give you an idea of what may occur.

There will probably be some subtle changes to the forecast as we move closer to Monday but I’m not expecting any major changes. If it appears ice will be a bigger issue I’ll make adjustments and post another update Monday morning. I also post updates throughout the day on Twitter (@tuscwx). Until then be safe (and kind) out there.



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