Sunshine, cooler temperatures and less humid conditions through the weekend

A cold front that brought some active weather in east-central Ohio last night ahead of it is just to our southeast this morning. Already, the drier and cooler air behind this system is located along the Lake Erie shoreline. It will continue to spread south into the Tuscarawas Valley by mid-morning.

The few remaining showers in the region early this morning will exit as high pressure will scatter out the cloud cover leaving us with increasing sunshine through the rest of our Friday. A pleasant northwest breeze will push that heavy humid air we’ve been under the last week out of the region and replace it with cooler and much less humid air.

The end result will be sunny skies, afternoon temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. Dew points will drop to the mid-50s by the time you head home from work as the humid air is swept away.

Dew points will drop to the 50s this afternoon and the warm muggy airmass exits south of the region. North American hi-res model dewpoint snapshot at 5:00 PM this evening.

The sunshine and low humidity will stick around all through the weekend. It will be ideal weather for any outdoor activities. Temperatures on Saturday will again be around the 80-degree mark. Sunday will be a little warmer with afternoon highs in the low 80s.

The most striking feature, though, will be the lack of humidity through the weekend. And, we will finally open the windows and give the air conditioner a break. Nighttime temperatures will cool off to the 50s tonight and Saturday night.

High pressure responsible for the ideal summertime weekend will shift east the Virginia Coast setting up a more southerly flow in the afternoon. That will bring increasing moisture to our area and dew points will begin to creep back up to the 60s again. While it will turn more humid, it will not be as oppressively humid as this week.

The sunshine and dry weather will continue through Monday. Another, although much weaker cold front will cross early Tuesday but it appears to be lacking any significant moisture. For now, I’ll keep the forecast dry but expect some cloudiness with the front.

Dry and mostly sunny conditions will return Wednesday and remain through the work week. Temperatures through the period will gradually creep back up to the upper 80s.

Our weather will be unusually quiet. No severe weather is expected over the next seven days.

There is still a lot of summer heat left. Mid-range temperature ensembles show temperatures will head back up to the upper 80s to around 90 degrees once again by next weekend.

The NWSWPC precipitation forecast for the next 7 days shows very little precipitation. That will be good news for cutting hay next week. Not so good for gardens, though.

My advice – enjoy the cooler temperatures and lower humidity over the weekend. Hot and humid conditions will return for mid-month.

Have a great weekend!



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