Nice Yet Today; Turning More Humid Tuesday

There is not much in the way of changes to the forecast this morning. Moisture from what was once Barry is moving up the Mississippi Valley today and that will bring a southwest breeze to east-central Ohio. A warm front will ease northward during the day as tropical moisture inches closer to the region and that may spark a shower or storm west of the Valley this afternoon.

Otherwise, it will remain sunny and not too humid in the Tuscarawas Valley today. Afternoon temperatures will warm to the upper 80s locally and dew points will remain comfortable yet.

That warm front will continue its trek northward through our area Tuesday and moisture will increase behind it. This may spark a shower or thunderstorm mainly during the afternoon heat. Chances are fairly low, but it’s not impossible. Dew points on Tuesday will also start to inch up and it will start to feel a bit more humid. Get used to the humidity, folks. It’s only going to get worse from here on out.

With that warm front coming through it will be cloudier tomorrow. That will keep afternoon temperatures a couple of degrees cooler than today.

The leftovers of what was once Barry will advance into east-central Ohio on Wednesday. There will not be much much more than a remnant low at this point. It will bring rain to the Valley Wednesday and Wednesday night as it moves through but it still doesn’t appear to be enough to cause any huge problems locally.

Rainfall could still be moderate to heavy at times and there could certainly be some local issues with street and backyard flooding. But overall, the system will move through quickly and widespread flooding problems should not be an issue.

NWSWPC total rainfall projections from Barry remnants should amount to around an inch or so. This will be spread out of a 24 – 36 hour period.

Barry remnants will shift east of the area on Thursday and odds for rain will taper off and end through the morning. Skies will begin to clear out and we will eventually see some sunshine return in the afternoon.

An upper-level ridge of high pressure will move east behind Barry on Friday. This feature will bring an extended period of hot and humid weather to the Valley that will continue through the weekend. Friday still looks like the hottest day with afternoon temperatures in the low 90s. In addition to the heat, dew points will also increase to the mid 70s. This will bring heat index values into the 100° range on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday will be slightly less hot but still very humid. I would expect to see heat advisories issued for Friday. Advisories for the rest of the weekend is questionable yet but, advisory or not, it will still be very hot and humid.

Disturbances riding along the upper-level ridge will keep at least a low threat for popup showers and thunderstorms in the forecast.



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