Cool and dry through Sunday; Much warmer next week

Posted 10:15 AM Thursday, March 4, 2021

Temperatures across the region will be much cooler today behind the cold front that moved south early this morning. We won’t see much of a change in today’s temps as we go through the day. And, a fairly decent layer of stratocumulus clouds this morning should begin thinning as we get later into the afternoon and overnight.

Friday will bring a sunnier day as high pressure builds back in over the region. Temperatures will remain chilly for early March. That’s pretty much going to be the story for the weekend as well – sunny, dry, but cooler than we should be.

For those who don’t know, normal daytime highs for early March here in the Valley is around 45°/47°.

The colder than normal temperatures over the weekend will quickly exit the region by Monday. An upper-level ridge of high pressure will build over the central US and migrate eastward through next week. This feature will bring warm temperatures to eastern Ohio through at least mid-week. Temperatures in the low 60s will be achievable during the period. It’s highly probable that we see the warmest temperatures in the Valley since December 11 when we made it to 63° at New Philadelphia.

In addition to the warmer temperatures, moisture will likely increase as well. It will probably even feel a bit humid by mid-week.

DEW POINTS will increase by mid-week next week. It will feel a little humid as well as warm.

Some of that colder weather out to the west will eventually move east late in the week. I do suspect that next weekend will bring cooler, but not cold, temperatures. Temperatures locally will likely trend to be more in line with our averages.

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your day to catch up with our weather and supporting the Tuscarawas Valley’s only truly local weather outlook. Be safe out there!



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