Tuesday Update for Snow Potential on Thursday

Posted Tuesday AM, January 4, 2022

Before I talk about Thursday’s snow I want to pass along a heads-up regarding the potential for some strong wind gusts for tomorrow (Wednesday). Low pressure crossing the Great Lakes region will drag a cold front across Ohio that will produce gusty wind across the area. Sustained south winds in the 12 mph to 18 mph range are likely with gusts to around 30 to 35 mph.

Temperatures Wednesday night will dip to the upper-teens behind the cold front. There is not much moisture with the front so any rain or snow associated with it will be light and spotty.

A storm system in the Midwest will track east on Thursday. Temperatures will be plenty cold enough for snow with this system in our area mainly Thursday afternoon and evening. There are some slight model differences with the exact track of the system but generally speaking, we will see some accumulating snow with this.

GFS MODEL PROJECTION 10:00 AM Thursday 01/06 to 1:00 AM Friday 01/07

The morning guidance suggests the heaviest amounts of snow will track south and east of the Valley. The system will push through quickly and the snow showers in our area will end by early Friday morning. There are some details that need to be worked out but for today’s forecast, it looks like we can expect 1″ to 3″ of snow from this one. Temperatures will be plenty cold enough to support all snow with this so we won’t be dealing with any freezing rain or mixed precipitation.

The probability of 2-inches of snow through Friday morning is about 60% according to NWS. Note that total snow amounts can vary over the next 24-hours.

One important caveat will be the north/south track of the system. Should it shift a bit north we could potentially see slightly heavier snow amounts. If the system shifts south we’ll get less snow. Either way, we will get some snow but forecast amounts could vary a bit over the next 24 hours.

As I mentioned, this system will zip through quickly. Snow showers will taper off late Thursday night and end after 12/1 AM Friday. As of now, Friday looks to remain dry but cold in our area with afternoon temps in the low to mid-20s. Lake effect snow showers will likely continue on Friday in the primary snow belt areas of NE Ohio.

I’ll post an update Wednesday morning with any changes regarding that north/south track. Otherwise, this will not be a big snow event but it will bring enough snow to impact your Friday morning commute – especially if you travel any secondary roads.

Be safe out there.



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