A quick late afternoon update for this evening’s severe storm potential

4:14 PM | Just to keep folks informed, I just wanted to do a quick update with regards to the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms that might move through the Valley later this evening.

We’re still on track to see a line of thunderstorms move through the area around 8:00 PM this evening. While they will become somewhat weaker as the line advances east, the potential for a strong to severe thunderstorm remains. The primary threat will come from damaging wind gusts 50 MPH or more. Hail is a lesser threat as is the threat for weak tornadoes. Brief downpours and heavy rain is also something we might encounter.

The 3:00 PM SPC update keeps Tuscarawas County in the Marginal Risk zone for severe thunderstorms. However, isolated strong to severe storms will still be possible given the increased amount of sunshine we’ve received this afternoon.

Western and central portions of Ohio will have a much higher threat, but these could maintain enough strength as they travel east into our area to still pack a punch.

Here is how the high-resolution model depicts the radar playing out this evening:

Again. The highest risk will come from damaging wind gusts. The tornado threat is low but not zero.

Since storms will likely arrive after dark, it is especially important that you have a way to receive warnings in a timely manner. An NOAA Weather Radio is best but there are also some good phone apps that work well. The FEMA app is the one I use. It’s free and available in the App Store or Google Play. (I do not receive any compensation for recommending the app.)

Outdoor tornado sirens ARE NOT recommended as your primary warming source.

The threat for severe weather here is low, but it still exists. Be prepared not scared.



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