Snow chances return tonight with additional snow through the weekend

Posted 10:00 AM Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Dry weather will be in place across the region for the bulk of the day but it will be another cold one with afternoon highs across the Valley in the mid-20s. Another in a series of weak systems will clip the area as it travels east to our south tonight. this will bring the first of two rounds of snow to finish out the workweek.

HI-RES NAM3k MODEL depiction this evening.

This next round will impact the Valley this evening and tonight with mainly light snow showers. I say mainly light because there can be bursts of moderate snowfall at times after sunset this evening in areas south of US-30. Accumulation won’t amount to much in the Valley since we’ll only get a glancing blow from this system. Higher snow accumulation, along with icing, will stay well to our south.

The second volley will bring chances for light snow Thursday night with yet another weak low pressure system south of the area. Again, a glancing blow will only bring light snow showers to the Valley with heavier impacts to our south.

We finally get a break in this active period Friday and Friday night before snow returns over the weekend. Temperatures in the upper-20s on Thursday will warm to around freezing by Friday.

Apparently, there has been some social media chatter about a big-ticket storm moving in over the weekend. Low pressure will track into the Great Lakes region on Saturday bringing decent chances for snow late Saturday into Sunday morning. While snow showers look fairly certain from this system, there remains a lot of model spread since we’re still 4 days out. And, my take is this won’t come close to the social media rumors I keep hearing.

EUROPEAN MODEL DEPICTION of our weekend storm system. Snow is likely Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning but it remains to be seen hoe much snow will impact our area.

Yes, snow is likely with this and we’ll probably see a couple/four inches or so, but it doesn’t show any signs of being the ‘monster storm’ some are hyping. Not for our area, anyway.

Of bigger concern is the pattern developing early next week. By Monday/Tuesday our weather pattern may become a little more interesting. Some of the modeling is latching onto a more potent storm system that COULD bring an impactful winter storm to the eastern US. Generally speaking, the models are suggesting low pressure developing in the Gulf area and traveling northeastward toward the East Coast. Differences in the projected path of the system and how it develops will play a huge role in any impacts we might see early next week.

I’ll caution you that confidence at this point in the game is very low but it is a formidable weather system that bears close scrutiny. For now, it’s just a potential storm. I’ll keep you updated as it develops.

Thanks for reading the only weather discussion dedicated solely to the Tuscarawas Valley area. Be safe out there.

4 thoughts on “Snow chances return tonight with additional snow through the weekend”

  1. I saw a District 11 ODOT forecast calling for 11 inches Monday and something like 4 inches Tuesday! I know it’s pretty far out, but I do seriously wonder what this will turn into?

    1. I, along with many many others wonder as well. Snow and ice will be an issue somewhere but no one knows exactly where at this point. Next week’s storm hasn’t even been sampled yet.

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