Thursday: Weekend Winter Storm Update

Posted Thursday, January 13, 2022

Yesterday I highlighted the possibility of a winter storm bringing wintry weather to the area for the weekend. The odds are becoming more favorable that snow will impact the Valley mainly Sunday evening through Monday morning. Exactly how much snow we end up getting from this storm is still something we don’t know. But it’s becoming likely that it will be enough to impact any travel plans you have late Sunday through Monday.

I know many are anxious to see “numbers”. I’ll wait until late Friday before I start talking numbers here. For now, I sincerely think we will get enough to shovel and plow. And I think it will be enough to cause some problems for the Monday morning commute. Monday is MLK Day so some will luck out and not have to deal with it.

Here is what we know today…

  • Widespread snowfall is likely Sunday evening through Monday morning timeframe. We’ll work on getting the timing honed in over the next 36 hours.
  • Temperatures will be cold so precipitation will be all snow. We souldn’t have any rain or ice to deal with.
  • While we don’t have specific snow amounts yet, there will be enough snow to shovel/plow and it will be enough to impact travel.
  • It will remain cold enough behind the storm through early next week. The snow will stick around for a while.
  • High winds and icing are not expected so widespread power outages should not be an issue.

What we don’t know yet…

  • Snow amounts for any area. But the general idea at this point is the further east and south you are in Ohio, the more total snowfall you can expect to see. NWS Wilmington posted this map to give you a general idea of where the heaviest snow is expected to fall as of today:

Expect enough snow to shovel and plow. Plan on snow-covered streets and highways for your Monday commute. Visibility may be an issue Sunday night into early Monday.

Output from the NOAA National Blend of Models (NBoM) from an afternoon run. The NBoM is a more realistic look at what might be headed our way as opposed to deterministic modeling. Deterministic models can vary drastically from run-to-run.

The storm system is still in development and forecasts will change over the next 48 hours. The latest forecast is always the most accurate. Keep updated with reliable sources.

NWS indicates that winter weather headlines will likely be issued when the finer details are worked out.

And a BIG thank you to all those folks who took the time to comment on yesterday’s post here. I appreciate your support.

Be safe out there.



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