Messy Winter Storm Tonight; Local Timing and Impacts

Posted Thursday AM, February 24, 2022

A messy winter storm will likely bring a variety of winter weather impacts to the Valley later this evening and tonight. While this system will bring wintry precipitation to the area, it won’t be as impactful as previous winter storms we’ve seen this winter.

Still, we’re going to have to watch out for slick roads and walkways tonight and early Friday. Additional rain, something we really don’t need at this point, will also add to the high water situation we have in some areas.

Winter Weather Advisories have been issued for Tuscarawas and surrounding counties starting tonight and running to Friday morning.

Other than some spotty light snow showers this morning, we’ll have no weather issues during the daytime hours today. These will have little if any impact on area roads and highways.

The main swath of wintry precipitation arrives later this evening. High-res futurecast indicates that precipitation from the system will begin moving in from the southwest around 7/8 pm this evening and continue to spread east through the region.

Hi-Res Futurecast Simulated Radar at 7:00 PM Thursday

This may very well start out as just plain old cold rain or maybe rain with some wet snow. Surface temperatures will be a critical factor in determining precipitation types. Temperatures locally should be just above freezing as this thing gets underway tonight.

As falling precipitation cools the air, temperatures may cool to freezing or below around 11pm. Rain could then freeze on contact with elevated surfaces (freezing rain). This should only be the case for a couple of hours tonight. The further north you are (toward Stark Co.), the more likely you’ll see freezing rain and/or sleet. Those in southern parts of the area closer to I-70 are less likely to see much, if any, in the way of frozen precipitation.

The system will be pulling east and away from the area by around 5am/6am Friday morning.

FutureCast radar 5AM Friday

There can still be some light rain/drizzle/flurries around during peak commute times Friday morning but the bulk of rain/sleet/snow will be pretty much wrapped up by then.

Snow will not be much of an issue with this system in our area. Northern portions of the Valley may end up with a coating to a half-inch. Neighborhoods south of Dover may not see any snow at all.

Projected snow amounts through 7:00 AM Friday

Icing will be a bit more of an issue. Ice accretion on flat surfaces can be around a tenth of an inch or less in most spots locally. The problem areas will be elevated surfaces such as untreated bridges and overpasses. You might have to scrape ice off your windshield in the morning if your car is not sheltered.

NWSWPC Ice probability of 0.10″ or more

Rain and its impacts on our already stressed waterways may end up having the highest impact. Anywhere from a half to one inch of additional rain will be possible in our area. The Tusky and area creeks and streams are already running high so we really don’t need this extra water.

Projected rainfall through Friday morning

Important: Temperatures tonight are tricky and they will be a critical factor in what precipitation types we experience overnight. Any substantial cooling at or below freezing will mean more in the way of freezing rain and sleet for areas farther south. This is the main factor we’ll need to be mindful of overnight. We’re pretty close to the line of rain vs frozen precipitation so it’s a tough call.

I’ll post updates should it look as if the situation might change as more data arrives later this afternoon. Until then, you can grab our area’s most-detailed forecast anytime at or the TUSCWeather app.

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