Autumn Arrives in 30 Days

Posted: 9:32 AM EDT 08/23

Yep. It’s really true. Summer is nearly over. Fall arrives in exactly 30 days from today.

Many folks around the Valley, including myself, think that autumn is THE best time of the year – the color, the cooler temperatures, and just the feel of the air.

Others, however, see the arrival of fall as the start of our downhill slide into winter. It’s true, I guess. We have already been through our peak summer heat – the period where our average daytime highs are hottest of the year.

During the fall, our average daytime highs become cooler and, our period of daylight becomes shorter.

And, while many will dwell on the wind and snow and cold that we all know will eventually come our way, I prefer to just enjoy the weather we have today. I actually look forward to the brilliant colors Mother Nature will bring in the coming weeks – and the cooler, more comfortable weather conditions associated with autumn.

As a smart weather guy that I rely on almost daily for advice says: Enjoy the weather. It’s the only weather we have.



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