“It always rains during Fair Week”

It’s Fair Week in Tuscarawas County and many folks are keeping a close look at the weather forecast to pick the best day to attend. The most often comment I get from people is that the weather forecast has to be wrong. The forecast is for sunny and dry weather for the whole week and that just can’t be right. It always rains at some point during fair week.

Those who know me also know that I’m pretty skeptical when I hear some of the thoughts people have about past weather events. My first reaction is to check the records and see for myself if what I hear is true, or just a skewed perception. Weather sometimes plays tricks on our memory.

So, I checked. Yep, this time folks are right – the records show that it almost always does rain at some point around the time of the county fair.

I only went back 20 years, but that was enough to convince me. And, I used dates that would fall in line with dates that the fair is traditionally held. And, sure enough, the record shows that we did get at least some rain during that period when the fair runs EVERY year.

The worst was back in 2003 – that must have been a real wet fair. But, 2017 wasn’t bad at all with just 2-hundredths of an inch.

This year’s fair might just be the first-ever completely dry fair week – at least going back 20 years. Chances are looking good that this could be THE fair with absolutely no rain.

The fair runs through Sunday and sure enough, rain looks to move in sometime Sunday night. Until then, high pressure and a dry atmosphere will keep the threat for any rain practically non-existant. Go to the fair anytime.

Caveat: This is not meant to be an accurate analysis. Rainfall amounts listed above originate from Harry Clever Field in New Philadelphia.



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