Autumn temperatures finally arrive this week

Posted 09/29/2019 4:19 PM EDT

Temperatures across the Valley will turn much cooler after this week’s heatwave.

Daily high temperature records will be challenged during the first half of the week but a strong cold front will travel south through east-central Ohio on Thursday. The front will usher in a pattern shift and much cooler and drier air will flow in over the region for next weekend.

Projected daily high and low temperatures for the next 16 days from the GFS ensemble model. The European model shows similar temperature readings.

High temperatures next weekend will not get much warmer than the mid to upper 60s. Nighttime lows are projected to dip to the upper 30s! We have not recorded temperatures that cold since October 13th of last year.

In addition to the very warm temperatures through Wednesday, it will also be quite muggy. It won’t Miami humid, but it will feel a bit uncomfortable until that cold front exits.

It’s been a very dry month and we really could use a good soaker. Unfortunately, Thursday’s cold front doesn’t look to bring significant rainfall to our area. While we will get some rain from this, it won’t put much of a dent in the drought.

Gardners should keep in mind that we usually see our first frost/freeze locally around mid-October.

Note that the dates above are official records from the airport in New Phila. Dates shown are the dates where nighttime temperatures dipped to 32° or lower.



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