A mild but wet Halloween is in store for the Valley

Clouds moved in on schedule this afternoon across the Valley signaling the arrival of the wet weather that’s headed our way for Halloween.

Clouds will dominate overnight tonight but we should remain dry until Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures across the Valley will still be fairly mild for late October. The threat for rain will slowly increase through the afternoon and rain will be likely in all locations locally after sunset.

Widespread rain will likely continue into Thursday however, temperatures on Thursday will remain in the low to mid-60s.

The majority of our local communities schedule trick-or-treat Thursday evening and it’s a pretty sure thing that it’s going to raining during that time frame. It does not look like a nice evening to be outside despite the promise of treats.

Rain will continue Thursday night but we will see it diminishing to showers during the pre-dawn hours on Friday. The rain looks to be out of our area by sunrise Friday as a cold front crosses the region.

This system has the potential to bring a hefty slug of rain. The NWS forecast has a total of one to two inches for our area. Other guidance is not quite that aggressive and I think one to 1.5-inches is more realistic.

NWS RAINFALL TOTALS for the period Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning.

Temperatures on Friday will be much colder behind this front. Afternoon highs won’t do much better than the mid-40s. Nighttime temperatures will dip to the low 30s.

Plus, there will be a gusty west wind Friday so expect it to feel colder than it really is. Wind gusts on Friday can be 20 to 25 mph at times.

Although high pressure will bring sunshine back to the Valley for the weekend, it is still going to be chilly Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will remain cooler than average for the majority of the next couple of weeks.



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