Low chances for rain/snow Friday; Dry weather for the weekend

Snow showers have moved out of east-central Ohio with an upper-level disturbance this morning. Weak high pressure will allow clouds to break a bit today and finally allow for some occasional sunshine this afternoon. Today’s sun will be short-lived, however. Mid-level clouds will move back in overnight as the next weak frontal system arrives on Friday. Temperatures today will stay below average and a gusty west wind will keep the chill going. We can expect afternoon highs around 40° today.

Warmer air will advance into the region on Friday as the flow shifts to the southwest ahead of a cold front. There does not appear to be much moisture with this next system but there is enough to bring in low odds for snow/rain locally. Temperatures will be cold enough Friday morning to support snow and just warm enough in the afternoon to support rain. Anything that does fall will be light mainly due to the lack of available moisture. Temperatures should reach the mid-40s.

High pressure will bring dry weather and sunshine back to the Valley on Saturday. Despite the pleasant day, temperatures will remain chilly.

As the high shifts east Saturday night a southerly flow sets up to bring in warmer air and increasing clouds for Sunday. Sunday’s temperatures should warm to the low-50s. As moisture increases, rain chances will increase Sunday night.

Low pressure over the Plains Sunday night will track eastward through the Great Lakes. We will remain on the warm side of this system so precipitation locally will likely be rain. At this time, the steadiest rain is expected Monday afternoon through Monday night. The system’s cold front will move through on Tuesday.


Cold arctic air will advance into the region behind the front. Temperatures on Wednesday will be considerably colder and afternoon highs may not do much better than 20° or so Wednesday.

GFS MODEL temperatures next Wednesday. Cold arctic air will advance south behind a strong cold front. Temperatures will be much colder for a couple of days next week.

A REMINDER: The cold weather season is well underway. That means it’s time we start to see crazy weather forecasts for snow and ice 10 to 20 days out. Just keep in mind that anyone with a computer and internet access can post model graphics on social media. Although computer models are a valuable tool in weather forecasting, they need proper interpretation. Simply posting a specific model’s output does not make it true. Please, think before you share.



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