When will we see some warm May days?

I just want to take a moment here to remind everyone that a Freeze Warning goes into effect at midnight tonight. Temperatures locally will dip to the upper-20s early in the morning and any new plants you have out are in danger of freezing. The record low for tomorrow, May 9 is 26° (1983).

Otherwise, our weather today (Friday) will be dreary with cold light rain showers mainly late in the morning through mid-afternoon. Those shower chances will diminish as we make our way toward the evening.

I also can’t rule out a few snowflakes tonight mainly in our northern neighborhoods. The odds for snow flurries are low – 15% – 20% – but it’s a chance none-the-less. The best odds for snow today and tonight remain in northern Ohio counties.

Saturday will be a much sunnier day but we still remain chilly with highs locally around 47°. Mother’s Day starts out chilly but it will warm to the upper-50s to near 60° in the afternoon. There will be a chance for a light shower by mid-afternoon but chances favor dry conditions for the bulk of the day.

While tonight will be the coldest night of the next seven nights, it probably won’t be the last night we will need to watch for frost. There can also be chances for frost locally Saturday night and Monday night.

I notice a lot of folks wondering when we might break out of this unseasonably cold pattern and finally start to see some temperatures that actually reflect the season. The good news is that, while we will still see some below normal temperatures into the first part of next week, things look promising after that.

Climate models are in good agreement that the cold air mass that’s been in place lately will finally lift out during the second half of next week.

This cold pattern will flip and we’ll be looking at temperatures closer to seasonal averages by next weekend.

While the temperature projections above only go out to mid-month, I wouldn’t be shocked to see an 80° day or two show up on future runs as we go out toward the latter part of May. From all of the information I’ve been gathering from my sources, I think once the warmth arrives next week it will be here to stay.



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