Unsettled and wet weather through the weekend

With our pesky frontal boundary well to the south, Thursday should bring a nice start to astronomical summer. There will be some high clouds this afternoon but the majority of the day will allow for occasional filtered sun. The best news is that any rain associated with the front should remain south of the I-70 corridor.

Temperatures will also be a bit cooler today. Most neighborhoods will get into the low 80s for the afternoon high. And, lower dew points will make for a much less humid day.

Dry weather in the Valley will be brief. Low pressure along the frontal boundary to our south will drift north pulling the boundary along with it. As the boundary approaches, odds for showers will increase overnight becoming likely on Friday and Saturday.

Thunderstorm chances will be low tonight but those too will increase Friday as warm moist air behind the front moves in over the region.

Again, there doesn’t appear to be much of a severe threat on Friday but a few thunderstorms on Saturday might produce some gusty wind. There is also a potential for heavy rainfall Friday and Saturday.

With clouds and rain around Friday, temperatures will be much cooler. I doubt we reach 80 degrees in most neighborhoods across the Valley. It will feel muggier though as dew points tick upward again. Saturday will be warm and muggy.

Odds for showers and storms will trend downward Saturday night and this should bring another short lull in the rain. Another disturbance rides along the boundary on Sunday bringing back likely chances for showers and storms once again. This last system should finally push low pressure off to the east and out of east-central Ohio for good.

There will be plenty of moisture available for storms to tap into through the weekend. Current projections from the National Weather Service approach two inches of rainfall will be possible Friday through Monday morning.

High pressure builds in for Monday keeping us dry and sunny through Wednesday. As the high shifts east on Wednesday a southerly flow will bring warmer temperatures to end the week.

Temperatures will trend upward and get fairly toasty one again to end June and start July.



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