Tuscarawas Valley Weather Update for Thursday 04/18/2019

NOTE: There are a few notable changes in the forecast for the Valley over the next few days, so here is a quick update to get you caught up…

Today should remain mostly dry but it will be a cloudier day than yesterday. This is due to a warm front close by. I can’t completely rule out a brief shower this afternoon but if we do happen to get one, it shouldn’t amount to much. FutuerCast radar for today:

Otherwise, it will be warm today. Already this morning temperatures are in the low 60s across the region and these will warm to near 80° this afternoon.

The wind will also pick up today out of the southwest. It will turn breezy today with winds at around 10 to 15 mph and some gusts could get to around 30 mph at times.

Model ideas for Friday have changed somewhat. The SPC now has our area at a low (1/5) risk for a strong thunderstorm on Friday. Last Sunday our area was at a much higher threat for severe weather (3/5) and we’re certainly not expecting tomorrow’s storms to approach that level.

A strong storm or two with gusty wind will be possible tomorrow, mainly in the afternoon – after 3:00 pm or so. Again, storms won’t be as widespread like last Sunday, but an isolated strong/severe storm is something we’ll have to watch out for.

Outside of any storms tomorrow, it will be a cloudy and breezy day and rain will be likely. Temperatures will be cooler than today with the clouds and rain around with an afternoon high around 65°.

Noe also changes in the forecast for Saturday. Earlier forecasts have painted a fairly gloomy and rainy day but new data suggests that might not be the case. The low pressure system that was due to cross on Saturday may, in fact, hang up nearly right over our heads.

Should that be the case, Saturday will not be all that bad. Sure, there will remain a threat for a shower through the day, but chances are looking better that Saturday won’t be the washout we projected in earlier forecasts.

Easter Day will still be the best day of the weekend with clouds and sunshine. Temperatures will be cooler than today but afternoon highs should reach the mid-60s here in the Valley.

As always, if you have outdoor plans for the weekend, keep up with the latest forecast on our Forecast Page. I always keep that updated with the latest forecast for our area along with details you won’t get from most weather apps.



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