Tuscarawas Valley Weather Update for Tuesday 06/11/2019

Sunshine returns today under high pressure although, temperatures this afternoon will be cooler. And, with a dry airmass in place, the humidity will be very pleasant the next few days. With clear skies and low moisture, temperatures will cool off quickly after sunset this evening.

With clear skies overnight, area sky watchers will get a good opportunity to see Jupiter tonight. The giant planet is directly in line and across from Earth so it will appear very bright in the southwest sky. If you have a decent pair of binoculars, train them on the giant planet. You’ll not only see Jupiter but also four of it’s largest moons.

The high responsible for today’s beautiful weather will shift to New England on Wednesday. The bulk of day tomorrow will be nice again but clouds and odds for showers and thunderstorms will increase as we go through the afternoon as a storm system approaches from the west.

Chances for a shower or storm will be pretty low Wednesday evening with this next system. There is a lot of very dry air to overcome. Eventually, though, the moisture will win out. Showers and thunderstorms will become likely Wednesday night and Thursday as the system slowly crosses the Great Lakes region.

Instability will be insufficient for severe thunderstorm development.

Temperatures will be about average on Wednesday but Thursday will be a chilly day in the Valley with afternoon highs only reaching the 65° / 67° range. Normal afternoon temperatures should be right around 80° mid-June.

Showers and storms should taper off and end Thursday night as the system drags another cold front across east-central Ohio. Friday will bring a decent day to the Valley with sunshine and dry weather. Temperatures will be in the low 70s.

The models are a bit confused with regards to the weekend. A cold front will approach and cross at some point on Saturday raising the prospects for at least scattered showers and storms. Most of the modeling shows this boundary hanging up along or near the Ohio River Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately, we will need to count on at least a few rainy periods through the period as small disturbances ride along the boundary during the first part of the week.

The long-range outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center do not hold much hope for any significant warming in the near future. Our cooler-than-average temperatures trend is forecast to continue as we progress to the end of the month.

The expected precipitation news isn’t good for local farming interests either. Decent odds for above average precipitation through the period as well.



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