A string of mild sunny summer days

There is just not much weather coming up to discuss. The much-talked-about heat and humidity we suffered through over the weekend are gone. It’s been replaced by cooler and drier air flowing in from the north behind the cold front that was promised.

It was a hot stretch of weather the last several days but I like numbers when it comes to our weather. I don’t do much social media – especially Facebook – but I do look in from time to time. I did over the weekend and if you were to read some of the posts you would think the recent hot weather was the absolute worst ever. I often notice that our perception of weather plays tricks on our heads and this recent string of hot days and some of the Facebook comments I read proves that out – again.

It was hot, I’ll give you that. And the humidity made for miserably uncomfortable conditions. I personally like warm weather but I’m not happy when it gets hot AND humid. It was hot and humid over the weekend. It was by no means the hottest ever as some on Facebook seemed to think. As always, the numbers make it easy to put things in perspective. If the month were to end today, it would go down as the third hottest in recent years.

That’s pretty remarkable in itself. But we do have over a week left in the month and the ranking will likely change with the cooler weather we’ll have over the next few days.

And, those temperatures that peaked in the mid-90s this past weekend weren’t even close to being the hottest ever locally. We’ve had much hotter July temperatures and not all that far back in the past either.

Note that the temperatures listed here are actual air temperatures – not heat index values. There’s a big difference and some Facebook posts referred to heat index values as being the air temperature.

We’ve also had much longer stretches of hot weather. Most of the posts I read about the heat were from younger users, so they have no memory of our weather history. Those of us who are older will remember 1988. We had 14 days in a row – a full two weeks – where the daytime high temperature didn’t drop below 90 degrees. Twice during that two-week hot spell, the air temperature reached 103°. If that were to happen today, my guess is that Facebook would blow up.

The cooler air that has moved into our area today will stick around for at least a few days. And, while temperatures will gradually warm back up again this week, the really humid air will not return for a while. Temperatures will gradually inch back to the mid then upper 80s as we get to the weekend.

The big difference this weekend, though, will be the lack of humidity. With a lack of any substantial moisture in the air, dew points will remain in the ‘comfortable’ range. And, if you notice, there is also no rain in the forecast through early next week.


This is summer after all, and while these next several days will bring some of the best summertime weather we’ve seen for quite some time, I suspect that it will not last in the long term. hot temperatures, maybe not as hot as this past weekend will return in the long-range outlook.

And, it looks a bit wetter in the long-range too as our weather settles back into its normal unsettled pattern we usually see in late July and August.

Enjoy the mild weather these next few days. It’ll change. It always does.



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