July 2019 Climate Report

July turned out to be a warmer month than average but precipitation was just slightly below average. July is our warmest month of the year, so the average high of just over 83° is nothing new.


While the average daytime high came in at 2.5 degrees above normal, nighttime lows were even warmer than climate average by 3.7°. We did have five days this month where the temperature was 90° or higher: 90° on July 5,6, and 10; 91°on July 2 and 20. This makes July 2019 the fourth warmest August in recent years.

Precipitation for the month remained pretty much average.

According to the Climate Prediction Center, we can expect August temperatures to run fairly close to average.

August also brings the end of our peak summer heating. Our average temperatures locally will begin that downward slide into autumn and winter.

Precipitation wise we can expect an average amount of rainfall through the month as well.



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