Snow showers and gusty wind will impact the morning commute

Posted 7:00 PM Sunday, February 21, 2021

Chances for Snow showers will increase east to west tonight bringing a slushy Monday morning commute. While this system won’t bring a lot of snow, timing brings it into the area just in time to impact the Monday morning commute.

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Temperatures locally will be just below freezing as snow gets underway then warm to freezing or slightly warmer after sunrise Monday morning. That will bring wet heavy snow possibly mixed with rain/drizzle at times. Much of the snow will melt or partially melt on the surface leaving us with a sloppy and slushy mess as folks head out in the morning.

Treated roads should do fine and will likely be mainly wet. The less-traveled and untreated secondary roads may accumulate some wet compact snow which can produce slick spots.

Snow will change over to rain showers/drizzle after 8:00/9:00 AM Monday. Chances for light rain showers will continue until after lunchtime. Rain will push east and out of the area Monday afternoon.

South winds will gradually increase to around 10 mph to 15 mph as the snow moves in as well. Gusts could top out at around 25 mph at times. Winds will remain gusty all day Monday shifting to the west Monday afternoon.

Be safe out there.



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