About Those ‘Winter Storm For Next Week’ Rumors

Posted Saturday PM, January 29, 2022

You will likely hear about a strong winter storm setting up for next week. It’s true. There is a potential for a large significant winter storm to impact parts of the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes regions mid-week. Most of the main weather models show this system in one degree or another. However, at this point, there are many things we just don’t know about the track and intensity of the storm.

While confidence in the types of precipitation we might see in our area is very low, impactful weather is likely across much of eastern Ohio next week. Specifics regarding precipitation types and amounts will come into focus with time.

The key reason for this post to you is to make you aware of the possibility of impactful weather mid-week next week. Much will depend on whether our area remains on the warm side or the cold side of a stalled frontal boundary. Warm would mean rain. Cold would mean snow. Somewhere in the middle would mean mixed precipitation including ice. Where the frontal boundary sets up and how the storm’s low pressure travels along it will determine precipitation types.

Precipitation will spread southwest to northeast (sometimes called a Panhandle Hook) Wednesday/Thursday-ish. The heaviest precipitation is most likely to occur in our area Wednesday night through Thursday.

Given the moisture amounts projected with this system, precipitation may be heavy regardless of the type. Details will unfold in the days ahead. Keep up with forecasts from reliable sources.

Enjoy your weekend. Be safe out there.



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