Sunday Morning Winter Storm Update

Posted Sunday 9:30AM, January 16, 2022

A storm system traveling along the Mid-Atlantic into the Northeast will bring significant snow accumulation to Eastern Ohio tonight and Monday. Six inches or more of snowfall is likely in our area by Monday morning. After the storm, cold temperatures will persist with intermittent chances for snow showers. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for our entire area from 1:00 PM this afternoon until 1:00 PM Monday.

Radar this morning shows our storm system in southeastern portions of the country spreading snow, rain, and ice in its path. The center of low pressure will continue to strengthen today and eventually move north along the Carolina Coast by the afternoon before shifting further north into the Northeast tonight.

Snow from this system will spread south to north into Ohio this evening. Temperatures will remain cold and all precipitation in the east-central Ohio region will be frozen. In addition to snow, a period of sleet (ice pellets) will be possible in some locations primarily this evening.

Snowfall rates will be heavy at times mainly between 6:00 PM this evening through 1:00 AM Sunday. Snowfall rates of 1″ to 2″ per hour are possible in the bands of heavy snowfall.

The snow will be wet and heavy to start. As temperatures cool during the night it will become lighter and fluffier.

Snow showers will move into our area around sunset this evening. Once it starts snowing it will snow pretty much all night and into Monday morning.

Based on New Philadelphia location

The steadiest snowfall will taper off and end Monday afternoon. Scattered snow showers will remain a possibility through the afternoon and evening. Any additional accumulation should be minor (around an inch or so) during the afternoon and evening time periods.

Snow amounts have increased slightly again with the latest data. The Sunday morning idea from the National Weather Service shows about 8-inches in our general area. Snow amounts can vary greatly from one location to the next. A good rule of thumb is anywhere from 7″ to 10″ across our general area.

In all reality, it doesn’t much matter whether you see 6-inches or 9-inches. The impacts will be the same. Expect snow-covered streets and highways. Travel will be challenged tonight and Monday. You will have to shovel or move snow.

As always, the main highways will fare better – not good – but better than secondary roads. As mentioned earlier, snowfall will be heavy at times and ODOT can’t be everywhere at the same time. It will likely take some time to clean up after the storm. ALL roads and highways will be a mess for a while.

If you must travel tonight, visibility will be an issue during times of heavy snowfall. Snow can pile up quickly making roads hazardous.

Everyone will get enough snow to shovel and plow.

On the plus side, freezing rain, ice, and strong winds aren’t much of a concern. Widespread power outages are not expected. That does NOT mean power outages can’t happen. The snow will be wet and heavy for a time especially at the onset this evening so some power outages can’t be ruled out.

Enjoy the calm weather and sunshine this morning. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been on the receiving end of a good thumping. Thanks for staying with me and following along the last several days. And, thanks for telling your friends about TUSCWeather.

Wax up those snow shovels. Be safe out there.

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  1. Thanks Joe. You do a great job forecasting & keeping us update on the latest conditions. Its a comfort to know that someone is watching & updating for us,

  2. As Tusc County falls between Cleve and Pittsburgh weather stations, I rely on your site for accurate predictions of our weather. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise with the all of us.

  3. Thanks Joe we really appreciate your forecast. You do so with no compensation which is so awesome! Our grandson is a junior at Western Kentucky University majoring in Meteorology! He’s so excited to go storm chasing next semester!

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