Saturday morning winter storm update

Posted Saturday AM, March 12, 2022

The steadiest and heaviest snow has shifted off to the east as of 8:00 AM. Temperatures are generally in the low-20s this morning and will not likely get much warmer than around 24° this afternoon. Expect the wind to pick up out of the northwest becoming 15 to 18 mph. Gusts can get as high as 30 mph. Wind chills today will feel like single digits.

Despite some peaks of sun today, we can also expect to see some occasional bursts of snow as bands of lake effect showers and squalls set up in that northwest flow. These can quickly cause reductions in visibility and put down additional small accumulations where they occur. Those gusty winds will also cause drifting and blowing snow.

SIMULATED RADAR SNAPSHOT at around 3:00 PM this afternoon from the hi-res model. Streams of lake effect showers and squalls will produce quick bursts of snow through this evening.

I’ve not seen many snow reports coming in this morning but generally, it looks like most areas in the Valley received about 5″. I measured 5.5-inches on my deck and the few reports I did see reported similar amounts.

Our weather will improve somewhat on Sunday. It will still be breezy tomorrow with winds out of the south but temperatures will warm to the low-40s after a very cold start in the morning. We’ll also have better chances of seeing some occasional sun tomorrow.

The snow won’t stick around long. By Tuesday temperatures will be back up to the mid-50s. The rest of the week looks more springlike.

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  1. Thanks for all your posts about this storm, Joe! Like you, I had around 5″ of snow depending on which surface I measured it. In spite of the cold, its good to see the sun’s energy reducing the inventory! Looking forward to more spring-like weather next week!

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