Hot, humid but generally quiet weather for a few days

06/14/2020 10:00 AM

After all the ruckus last night and early this morning, our weather here in the Valley will settle down for a few days. It will get hot, however – and humid too.

Clouds will gradually clear out this afternoon allowing for a mostly sunny second half of the day. Temperatures will warm to the upper-80s across the Valley. Wednesday will bring the hottest day of the year so far. Expect highs to reach 96°-97°.

Thursday will bring another sunny and hot day but a cold front will be approaching east-central Ohio. This will likely spark thunderstorms Thursday afternoon and evening. It will also bring our next chance of seeing some severe weather in the Valley.

Some storms on Thursday could be severe as a cold front approaches. Currently, the Storm Prediction Center has our area highlighted in the Slight Risk (Level 2) category.

It’s a bit too soon to get into specifics on timing and threats on Thursday but all modes of severe weather will be in play including gusty wind, hail, and isolated tornadoes. We’ll be able to zoom in on specifics as things unfold today and Wednesday. Just be aware that severe storms will be possible again on Thursday.

It will also be very humid these next few days. Dew points will be in the 70s until that cold front gets here. These higher-end dew points coupled with afternoon and evening temps in the mid to upper-90s will make it feel much hotter. Heat index values on Wednesday may be as high as 104° or so.

With the heat and humidity these next few days the atmosphere will be a bit unstable. It wouldn’t take much to spark a renegade shower or storm. This is especially true during the peak heating hours in the afternoon and evening. Some storms could get a little feisty but generally, except for Thursday, the severe threat is pretty low.

Once that cold front swings through Thursday night/Friday morning we’ll start to see those high dew points come down as dryer air moves into the region. Temperatures will also start dropping off and Friday, while still warm, will not be quite as hot.

All of this will set things up for a spectacular Father’s Day weekend. Daytime highs will be much cooler and the dry air will make for a couple of very comfortable days.

I’ll keep you updated on the severe weather potential on Thursday as we get closer. Until then, Thanks for using and relying on TUSCWeather website and app for your local forecast and weather info. Be safe out there.



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