01/22/2018 Important update for TuscWeather.net users

Hello Good Friends!
Thank you to all who took a few minutes over the weekend to post a comment and encouraging message. It’s going to be a long road back to recovery, but I have a positive outlook, a terrific partner, and a whole community of Tuscarawas Valley folks – known and unknown – helping me tackle the challenges ahead.
I know that a good reliable weather information resource is important to our community and I would like to take a few minutes to pass along some of the changes to our local weather website that will allow me to continue getting timely and accurate LOCAL weather out to all our dedicated website users and into the hands of my Tuscarawas Valley friends and neighbors.
1.) I restarted the webserver and weather (wx) server over the weekend and it has successfully begun to gather our weather data from all our local non-commercial weather resources. These will continue to stream in to the weather server where it is gathered into several databases, sorted, stored, and dissipated. Updated local information is sent and published on the website every 15 minutes.
2.) Although I do not have the time and energy to currently create and publish a regular graphical forecast, I have managed to press into early service routines that allow me to make use of both some automated forecast programming as well as input from the wxserver to create, publish, and updated forecast based on our own local weather conditions. The forecast is not pretty and contains no graphics, but it still manages to give us all a quick, easy-to-understand and informational forecast that helps get us all through the day.
3.) ALL weather information on TuscWeather.net is for our local area. I do not use commercial weather source data from any source. The data used on the website originate from that is collected LOCALLY. If you’re happy getting your (not-so) local weather information from TWC (originating from Atlanta 800mi away), Cleveland TV (100 mi away), or even your mobile app (Who knowns where that comes from), then by all means have at it.
4.) Although we do not yet have an ‘app’ all of TuscWeather.net is available on your mobile device. There is nothing to download or install for you have instant access to our local weather on your mobile devices. Here’s how you can do that on your device:
No Downloads Required! This will add an icon to your phone’s home screen for instant access to TuscWeather…
If you have an iPhone…
Visit TuscWeather.net using Safari on your iPhone.
Click the Send button at the bottom of the screen.
Choose “Add to Home Screen” and tap “Add.”
If you have an Android mobile device…
Visit TuscWeather.net using ANY browser you have installed on your Android phone
Click the menu button
Choose “Add to homescreen.”
5.) My time for our local weather forecast blog will be limited for a few months I suspect. However, I will publish a blog when conditions arise and we’re threatened with any storms that can impact our area. Blogs and important weather details will be published ‘as needed’ on the website ONLY. If I can, I’ll publish a link on Facebook. Otherwise, check the website for updates. You can also sign up to receive notification of new blog posts and updates by registering for a website account.
6.) My time on Facebook and other social media pages will be limited but I will continue to check in periodically and answer questions when I can. Please be patient.
I know this is a long post. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to let me share my thoughts as I continue my long road to recovery. (Reposted on TuscWeather.net 01/22)
Joe Ebner

2 thoughts on “01/22/2018 Important update for TuscWeather.net users”

  1. Welcome back, Joe.
    Happy to hear you are able to post again, but……….do what
    you can do and do NOT overdo.

    Hoping each day will be bringing your health back to you and keeping you in my prayers.

    Anne Hurst Hall

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